Weekly MINKI mix

Weekly MINKI mix

Get your jewel fix with the weekly MINKI mix.

With such an elaborate collection of staple and statement jewellery, it’s fairly impossible to single out one of our Modern Keepsakes as a favourite. The jewellery is designed to mix and match, dress-up or dress-down. Made to match with every mood. Our founder, Minki van der Westhuizen, matches her serenity with our subtle, simple yet sophisticated Efraine necklace and Nadia earrings.

Minki loves to wear her Efraine necklace as a everyday staple. A symbol of elegant simplicity and effortless grace. This chic creation is designed to add the perfect feminine touch to any look and serves as a reminder to enjoy the finer things in life.

The timeless Nadia earrings are the perfect companions to a captivating ear party and pairs perfectly with the Efraine necklace. Minimalistic, yet multi-functional. A polished everyday essential yet mandatory on date nights and celebrations. The ultimate finishing touch for any outfit, any mood and any occasion. A modern must-have that completes any look effortlessly.

The beauty of the MINKI Modern Keepsakes is that it caters for all occasions of life, it expresses and captures the essence of who you are.  

Join Minki in celebrating her weekly mix, the Efraine necklace and the Nadia earrings.

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