Unveiling the inspiration

Unveiling the inspiration


Have you ever wondered about the story behind the MINKI sparkle? Curious about the inspiration behind your favourite pieces? Our founder, Minki van der Westhuizen, is the mastermind behind the magic. This week we're thrilled to offer you a glimpse into the vision behind the MINKI collection. Dive deeper with us as Minki unveils the journey that lead to MINKI and also allows a peek at what's to come. Prepare to be enthralled by the heart and soul of MINKI.

Q: If you want to give someone a gift from the MINKI collection, what is your go-to and why?

A: It depends on who will be receiving the gift. If the gift is for someone that is named in the range, usually I go with that. My ultimate is also of course the Minki necklace. It's an absolute statement piece, it's extremely comfortable and just an all-rounder for me.

Q: Describe the feeling you get when you see someone wearing a Modern Keepsake?

A: It happened recently that I came across someone wearing something from the MINKI collection, and at first I could not believe my eyes. It's still surreal. Shortly after the disbelief, I become overwhelmed with joy, thankfulness and pride.

Q: What is the biggest inspiration behind MINKI?

A: My daughters. I want to build on something that will leave a legacy for them.

Q: If you could give your younger self a piece of advice regarding business, what would it be?

A: Get yourself a good investor and a fantastic CEO to run the business. I know I did!

Q: Jewellery often has sentimental value. Which sentimental value does the MINKI collection have to you?

A: It is extremely special to me that I named the pieces in the collection after important women in my life. Each piece embodies a value and characteristic that is specific to the woman it is named after.

Q: What can people look forward to for the future of MINKI?

A: I would love to dress women in everything that makes them feel beautiful from head to toe in MINKI. The jewellery is only the beginning. But something I am very excited about it definitely the silver range launching at the end of June.

Q: What is your favourite part of the MINKI brand and what makes you the proudest?

A: The business is doing very well and it's all because of the support from the people. We value your support and feedback so much. We love receiving positive feedback and testimonies of how this range has transformed their lives.

We sincerely hope that this Q&A has sparked your curiosity and ignited your love for jewellery even further. Head over to our website to explore the collection that Minki has brought to life or dive even deeper into the world of MINKI by following us on our social media platforms for exclusive content, behind-the-scenes, and a chance to connect with our vibrant community.

Stay tuned as the month of June has a few exciting reveals coming up.

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