Unlock your Autumn fasion mojo

Unlock your Autumn fasion mojo


As the leaves are turning and there's a crispness in the air, Autumn's magic is upon us. This season calls for a style that is both warm and wonderfully unique. Forget the same-old, it's time to infuse your Autumn wardrobe with a touch of sparkle. Discover how to elevate your Autumn look with statement jewellery pieces and unexpected layering and stacking tricks. Get ready to embrace the colours of the season and unleash your inner style icon.

As the summer heat fades, chunky knits and cosy scarves become our new best friends. These layers don't have to overshadow your neckline. This season, necklace styling is all about playing with texture and dimension. A bold necklace, like the Minki, peeking through a loosely draped scarf, layered with the Dinah necklace adding a touch of unexpected elegance. Autumn allows for a touch of whimsy, so have fun with mixing and matching charms that allow you to express yourself.

When it comes to earrings, ditch the symmetrical approach and embrace the beauty of asymmetry. As the temperature drops, channel the season's fiery energy with earrings that feature vibrant charms. Add a touch of drama with the dazzling Ammie earrings complimented by the Lehanie and Louise charms.

Stacking never goes out of season. Autumn's earthy pallet extends to your fingertips. Stack multiple rings on one finger and the Marilize on the pinky finger. A look that reflects the vibrant tapestry of autumn leaves.

With these styling tips and a dash of your own creativity, you're ready to conquer the fall fashion and turn heads with your jewellery stacks and layers. Explore the MINKI collection and discover the magic of autumn sparkle.

We can't wait to see how you embrace this season with MINKI.

Discover the magic of Autumn with the MINKI collection.


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