Stacked & Spectacular

Stacked & Spectacular


Discover the beauty of the MINKI ring collection with the art of stacking. This collection evokes a sense of effortless femininity, perfect for wearing solo, or ultimate for stacking. Some with wispy bands, some shimmering with tiny crystals, all adorned with intricate etched details.

Stacking rings is the newest trend, allowing you to express your individuality with every layer. With stacking you have the opportunity to mix and match smooth finishes with twisted bands, nestling the one next to the other in order for you to create a unique story on your fingers, reflecting your mood or style.

Our ultimate inspiration, Minki van der Westhuizen, plays around with the rings in her collection daily allowing us to eye her ensemble. A classic favourite is the must-have Marilize on her pinky. Not only does it reflect personal taste, it also carries a rich sense of tradition. Moving on to the right-hand ring finger, she perfectly partners the Laura ring with the vintage-inspired Imke- followed by the Alicia stack ring with two Swarovski crystals to complete the look. On her middle finger she wears the Elna as a solo addition to add a fun pop of texture. Her index finger she then leaves bare for a more curated look.

There is no right or wrong. Use the MINKI stack ring collection to experiment and express your own unique personal style.

Unleash your inner ringmaster and have fun building dazzling combinations that speak volumes about you!

Combine the thinner bands with something textured. Include some rings with sparkle, and some without.

Express yourself with the MINKI ring collection.

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