Silk so fine, gold that shines

Silk so fine, gold that shines


An absolute non-negotiable for our founder, Minki van der Westhuizen, is that no look is ever complete without her Gija bracelet. This exquisite piece artfully blends a silk-like string with delicate gold links, creating a bracelet that is both playful and sophisticated. The silk string caresses your wrist with luxurious comfort, while the gleaming gold links add a touch of undeniable refinement. The Gija bracelet transcends the boundaries of ordinary bracelets. Crafted for effortless elegance; it whispers confidence without ever appearing ostentatious.

The Gija bracelet was crafted with the utmost detail in mind for its unparalleled softness and subtle sheen. The vibrant shades of the silk strings were specifically chosen with our beautiful packaging in mind- bold colours for that dash of playfulness. The gleaming links are covered with 18K real Gold PVD coating made for ultra long-lasting wear. The PVD coating makes for this versatile bracelet to be tarnish free and the extra waterproof layer allows for you to wear it when in the shower, in the sea, in the pool, or even when busy with your workout. The waterproof layer has been tested by salt spray ensuring a superior quality offering.

The beauty of the Gija bracelet extends beyond its own design. It also serves as a stunning foundation for the MINKI charm collection. The delicate links create a versatile canvas that complements a variety of charms. The Gija bracelet empowers you to tell your story through your jewellery, transforming it into a unique reflection of your personality and cherished memories.

Discover the endless possibilities for creating a bracelet that is truly yours with our captivating Gija bracelet.

Ready to experience the magic of the Gija bracelet? Get yours now!

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