Our crown jewels revealed

Our crown jewels revealed


The sentiment behind the MINKI collection lies in the women these curated pieces are named after. A legacy isn't just a name, it's a philosophy woven into every creation. In the spotlight this week is the cornerstone of our collection- the dazzling Minki necklace and Minki bracelet duo. These flagship pieces are a tribute to the very essence of the MINKI brand, the woman who ignited our passion for exquisite jewellery, named after our founder - Minki van der Westhuizen.

The Minki necklace and its curated counterpart, the Minki bracelet, embody the very characteristics that define her. Timeless elegance, unwavering strength, confidence and a touch of modern flair. These meticulously crafted pieces intertwine like a captivating melody, promising to elevate your look with effortless grace. The Minki necklace and bracelet is a testament to Minki's belief that true beauty lies in embracing boldness with a touch of grace. Just like Minki, these pieces were designed and destined to make a statement.

The Minki necklace and the Minki bracelet are more than just a dazzling duo. These flagship pieces are an invitation to join a legacy of timeless elegance and unwavering spirit. Visit the MINKI website today to explore these pieces in the treasured MINKI collection. Discover how you can carry a touch of the remarkable MINKI spark close to your heart. Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of our heritage: dazzling symbols of the enduring power of sophistication and confidence.

The Minki necklace and bracelet, a legacy waiting to be worn.

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