Ever wonder what magic our founder, Minki van der Westhuizen, sprinkles on herself to radiate confidence everyday? We peeked into her jewellery box and discovered her everyday essentials that fuel her hustle and heart. Minki is known for her eclectic style and embodies the essence of being bold and daring. Jewellery is about more that just adornment, it's also a powerful tool for self-expression and empowerment.

When it comes to earrings, Minki loves her ear parties. A vibrant mix of mismatched earrings that explode with personality. The delicate and dazzling Ammie hoop nestled playfully beside the bold Rochelle and the scalloped Gizelle. On the other side- a stack of the statement Colinda earrings. Ear parties are not about conformity, it's a celebration of individuality.

Around her neck she wears a captivating constellation of layered necklaces. A longer chain like the Dinah necklace, adorned with charms from the MINKI charm collection complimented by a shorter dainty chain like the pebbled Elise necklace. A true testament to Minki's belief that true beauty lies in the layering of experiences and inspiration.

Regarding bracelets, the Karlien statement bracelet reigns supreme with a stack of two or three on the one side. On the other arm she plays with textures as she pairs the playful Gija bracelet with the delicate Elise bracelet. A touch of grace that balances the boldness of its counterpart.

There you have it. A peek behind the curtain at the jewellery essentials that fuel our founder's fire. We invite you to be inspired by her choices, to explore your own stories and to discover the everyday essentials that empower you to shine.

After all, your jewellery tells your story. What will yours say?

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