Click, Clack, Charm Attack : Unlocking the Magic of charms

Click, Clack, Charm Attack : Unlocking the Magic of charms

Click, Clack, Charm Attack : Unlocking the Magic of charms

The MINKI jewellery range includes statement and staple pieces. Necklaces, bracelets and earrings that are made to mix and match with the modern MINKI charm collection. Charms are tiny trinkets with big personalities. These decorative dangles come in endless design, from celestial stars to freshwater pearls. Not only is adding a charm to your everyday look about aesthetic, it is also a way of expressing yourself, showcasing your interests and transforming a simple outfit into something fresh and conversation-starting.

One of Minki's personal favourites is the Michelle charm. Shaped in the form of a heart- perfectly completed by the brown citrine stone in the centre. A go-to for adding a touch of sparkle to any look.

The question on everyone's lips : To which Modern Keepsake can I attach this token of love?

The Carien necklace, as well as the Hanli necklace both come with a clasp already attached, accommodating any charm. However, Minki prefers to glide these necklaces through the 12mm Minki clasp and then adding the charm to assure that it faces forward at all times. The Elsa necklace also provides the perfect canvas for the Michelle charm to tell its own story. Not only about function, but about style too- these necklaces assure that the charm takes centre stage.

The Katerien bracelet also serves as the perfect platform to add the Michelle charm. For days where you are feeling funky, fresh and fun- add it to the Gija for a pop of colour!

Allow magic to happen when pairing the Michelle charm with the Ammie or Annaline earrings. Transform the Nicola earrings by replacing the original charms with the Michelle charm for a whole new look. These earrings were designed to be your personal charm playground.

So, go wild, mix and match and create a new look everyday.

Let your creativity run, tell your story through tiny trinkets and unleash your inner charm enthusiast!

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